Adolescent Weight Loss Management

Our multidisciplinary team works in close collaboration with the specialists at Saint Barnabas Medical  Center . We understand that being severely overweight can have a tremendous impact on an adolescent’s life — now and throughout adulthood.

We are dedicated to addressing the medical, nutritional, emotional and social needs of adolescents who are candidates for weight-loss surgery. Together with their family, we collaborate in recommending the best medical option for each individual patient.

Typically, weight-loss surgery is only considered if the adolescent:

Has been unable to reach a healthy weight through other diet and exercise programs

If your adolescent (ages 14 to 18) has tried seriously, but has been unable to lose weight, our team offers the following surgical weight-loss options:

Gastric sleeve, Gastric bypass

Consideration for weight-loss surgery is done on an individual basis after the adolescent has undergone a complete evaluation by our team. The adolescent has to be willing to follow all recommendations and requirements of the weight-loss surgery program.

Contact Dr. Andrei to schedule a complimentary consultation to assess if this weight loss procedure is an appropriate surgical option for you.

*Individual Results May Vary