Also known as modified duodenal switch or loop duodenal switch.

Like the gastric bypass, the SADI-S (SIPS) is both a malabsorptive and restrictive surgery. Restrictive means that the stomach is reduced in size, which restricts the amount of food that you can eat. Malabsorptive surgeries reduce the amount of nutrients that your body absorbs, in this case by reducing the size of the small intestine.

The combination of malabsorption and restriction makes loop duodenal switch surgery, like other bariatric surgeries, extremely effective at enabling our patients to lose weight and keep it off.


  • Produces significant long-term weight loss (60 to 80 percent excess weight loss)
  • Significant decrease in appetite
  • Decrease medical conditions such as Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, High blood pressure, and PCOS
  • Typical maintenance of greater than 50% excess weight loss


  • Requires adherence to dietary recommendations, life-long vitamin/mineral supplementation, and follow-up compliance

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