Brisk walking can be a safe guard to developing diabetes says Krauss from Duke University. In a study with prediabetic patients, those who just did brisk walking for 7.5 miles a week and brisk walking for 11.5 miles a week had a 5% and 7% improvement in their glucose tolerance. This is an indicator how effectively the body processes its sugar. In contrast to the brisk walking group, the jogging group who ran for 11.5 miles had only a 2% improvement in glucose tolerance.

The researchers explained these interesting findings in that the jogging or high intensity exercise burns sugar, whereas brisk walking burns off fat in the muscles where excess sugar ( Diabetologia Jul 15, 2016)

Briskly walking 7 miles a week can help put diabetes in check or even prevent it. This along with a healthy diet can extend and enrich your having an active and chronic disease free life.

Best wishes,
Dr. Andrei